Govt. Regd. #: 2617/075
Group Size
1-3 people
Tea House / Home Stay
B / L / D
Local Bus / Jeep
Best Season
Mar - May & Sept - Nov

Volunteering is simply working with self-interest. The work can be fun if a volunteer immerses in a completely new environment– both culturally and geographically– where s/he can make a positive impact to the target group and discover and learn novelties like language, culture, traditions and even recipe for exotic cuisines. Nepal attracts a multitude of tourists every year but the majority of them set foot on areas that do not reflect the picture of real Nepal. However, there are others interested in traveling to the places less traversed by and contributing something to the community. Volunteer Tourism aim is to guide such visitors via off-the-beaten-path to the places where they can find an opportunity of helping a part of the community, at the same time relishing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the area. In simple terms, we wish to promote volunteer tourism, where tourism goes hand in hand with the community service.

Trip Outline