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Nepal is the best destination for almost all kinds of outdoor adventure activities like adventure trekking, rock climbing, peak climbing, and mountaineering, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, cannoning, jungle safari and much more which are more popular among adventure lovers. Trekking has been the unique product of Nepal since a long and is still preferred by adventure seekers coming from different parts of the world. The geographical and natural diversity and a wide range of exotic cultures make Nepal an ideal place for trekking and exploration. Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is one’s lifetime opportunity to observe its culture facets and enjoy the beauty of nature.

White water rafting on the rivers flowing from the high Himalayas and crossing the typical section of Nepal’s geography is equally popular. You can coast on clam jade waters with a splendid views all around or rush through roaring rapids. Rafting is inarguably the best way of exploring Nepal, as it takes you through hamlets, canyons, dense forests and wildlife.