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Greetings from World Himalayan Destination Pvt Ltd!!

Starting this Treks Expeditions & Tours agency was a struggle and labor of love for me.  I started at the lowest level of the trekking/touring business as a porter in 2008, becoming a guide, then a certified guide in short order.  I decided to start my own company in January of 2015.  

As I grew my company, I was mindful of my employees.  I helped them grow in their vocation from porter to guide to certified guide.  Growth also allowed me to hire more porters and guides.  The company also tries to help employees and their families suffering from financial crisis.  The earthquake in 2015 and the covid pandemic in 2020 posed serious threats to the agency and the country, but we have and are overcoming them.  

More recently, gender issues in tourism (employment, unequal distribution of benefits, power struggles, exploitation and oppression) have come to light in Nepal as in other countries.  To that point, the company is committed to treating women equitably and are active in hiring women guides and partnering with women owned businesses.

With all that said, travel in Nepal remains one of the greatest experiences of a life time.  Being a pioneering, reliable, price conscious, and hospitable Nepalese owned trekking and expedition company (yes, tours, treks and expeditions are different), we can offer you all the experiences Nepal has to offer. Whether you want to go on a Kathmandu sightseeing tour, an adventurous trek in the Nepalese Himalayas, an adrenaline-packed Himalayan mountaineering experience, a unique whitewater rafting challenge, or any other activity in Nepal, we will provide you with services tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Explore all the adventures we offer on TripAdvisor. All the price details are included with each adventure. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thanks & regards!!

Rajendra ( Raj) Ramtel,

Founder & Director

World Himalayan Destination Pvt. Ltd
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