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Every trekker has a dream of trekking in Nepal, and almost every one of them has come across the thought of buying or renting trekking equipment in Kathmandu. Just before they head to the mountain from Kathmandu, there is less chance that they haven't visited or stayed in Thamel. Thamel is the backpacker's paradise and boasts shops selling equipment and gear for trekking and mountaineering. Luckily, many of them rent everything from down sleeping bags to trekking poles, thermal sets, and water bottles.

Trekking Gear In Kathmandu:

Thamel is a one-stop hub for trekkers who wants to buy anything for mountain adventures. Thamel boasts small shops and branded stores selling everything for trekkers and climbers. While buying trekking equipment in Kathmandu or Thamel, you are left with two options; either buy quality products at a high price or go with average quality, or counterfeit products but at a reasonable price. It's your call!

You may hire the following items:

  • Super Down Jacket
  • Down Sleeping bag -20c
  • 50L Lightweight Water Resistant Hiking Backpack, Outdoor Sport Daypack Travel Bag for Climbing Camping Touring
  • Hiking Booths 
  • Tent 

Renting Fare :

  • Super Down Jack - Per day: NPR 150
  • Down Sleeping bag - 20c Per day: NPR 170
  • 50L Lightweight Water Resistant Hiking Backpack, Outdoor Sport Daypack Travel Bag for Climbing Camping Touring - Per day: NPR 150

Trekking Gear Renting Tips and Advice: 

  • If you don't trek often and use trekking equipment for rare occasions, it is better to rent.
  • We highly recommend you buy good hiking boots and bring comfortable clothes from home.
  • Don't opt for knock-off products every time; sometimes, it hurts to buy cheap ones.
  • If you have decided to rent trekking equipment, make sure you are ready to deposit a hefty amount (Rs 7000 approximately.) The rental shop shall return the money after you return the rented stuff.
  • Before you buy or rent, make sure to look for positive reviews. Some shops may disappoint you!
  • Always be ready to bargain unless you see the FIXED-PRICE tag.

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